Why choose Landco fertilisers?


With Landco you get better value with our direct to market pricing model

  • No through store charges
  • No bagging charges
  • No freight charges*

*applicable within 75kms of Pukekohe, minimum volume may apply


Landco Fertiliser is committed to improving production for farmers with sound recommendations, astute nutrient management and quality granular fertilisers. Our commitment to investing in superior solid fertilisers that provide the best opportunity to improve pasture and crop production for the long term is supported by our own growth.

  • All granular
  • Easy to blend
  • Easy & uniform placement
  • No waste


Biology is critical to life, without biology, soil quality is poor. We make it our priority to boost biology and advance the availability of nutrients and minerals of the soil by adding TM Ag (a biological stimulator) to:

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  • Your fertiliser
  • Your soil
  • Your pasture

An astute approach to
soil management

At Landco Fertiliser we apply fertilisers for the right reason, not just to sell them.

Balancing nutrients in the soil is critical to the soils ability to feed plants in order to maximise production and ensure you produce the best quality pasture, crops, and stock. Fertiliser is more than just NPKS, to ensure these big four work satisfactorily we must ensure other nutrients are available in the soil because they all work togther, this is where the 'laws of The Minimum and The Maximum' covering nutrients are deemed essential to understand. We will work with you on this process and ensure it’s a partnership rather than a one-way-street.
We care, and improving production and quality of outputs is foremost, making a difference is our priority.

A new breed in fertilisers

The right fertilisers improve the longevity of soil and its ability to produce sustainably.

At Landco we have quality granular fertilisers, fertilisers that stand out and that make a  difference to your farms productive capacity and therefore return on investment. We differentiate ourselves from the big boys, balancing fertiliser and soil is a science and doing what we do gets results on farms where you can see and feel the difference in everything from soil, stock health, and production.

Landco's product range suits all farming practices, so give us a buzz.

Expect a difference!


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