About Us

Hortigro Limited has two trading divisions, Landco Fertiliser who focus on agriculture, and Hortigro who focus on Horticulture, the business we supply is currently split approximately 50/50 in each market. The name Landco Fertiliser better defines our representation in agriculture and helps market our endeavours in this sector more appropriately.

For around 11 years we have been growing our business structure and building our product range to differentiate us from other fertiliser suppliers. Our philosophy starts with amending the soil through a scientific process of identifying nutrients that are and are not available in the soil and supplying the most appropriate products to balance soil nutrients and build a base for long term productivity. We are not an ambulance service, our aim is to cure, and prevent.

Our results and growth come from our customers who believe in us and who are provided with excellent support. Prompt decision making throughout Landco is supported by experience and a strong skills base from our sales team and our support staff. We are very proud of our team who are integral to our entire operation, and each member contributes positively to deliver great results.

Through its extensive range and exclusively branded products, Landco Fertiliser provides farmers with modern and conventional fertilisers, nutrients, sprays and more to support the development of their soil, stock, crops and pastures. Enabling farmers to grow well balanced healthy soil and prevent diseases and pests are services offered by our team. We are a solutions based business and deliver results based on the satisfaction of a significant customer base across an industry that demands ever increasing production and value.

We back a sustainable farming model and we want the environment to gain positively from the recommendations we provide, the products we deliver, our embedded philosophy, and the genuine skills and knowledge we have and are continuingly developing.

We encourage our clients to be guided, gain knowledge, research, listen to all sides, and enhance their understanding of their greatest asset, their soil. Soil keeps on giving however the giving can decline if it is not properly nurtured and understood. Quite simply we cannot survive without biology, in us, our stock, or in the soil, we must therefore treat it as the most highly paid and respected employee who knows many times more about maintaining life and health than we ever will. Biology is critical and integral to living, just as oxygen and sunlight are, so let’s boost it.

So a wise plan for fertiliser application and management will indeed offer the best rewards, applying more and more can be a very short and a temporary road to maximising production and delivering what consumers are demanding internationally. It’s about doing it SMARTER.

If we don’t do business with you, we genuinely want to, you will notice an honest difference.


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