Local Knowledge

Local support is a long-standing custom valued by both suppliers and customers alike.  Landco fertiliser is traditional in this respect, and we stongly believe in supporting our local base.

Our growing customer base proves we make a real difference to farming in the Franklin and Waikato regions. There is so much to do here we don’t need to spread far and wide and this also helps us maintain lower costs and remain competitive.

Local also means you pay one price.  There are no add-ons like, transport *, through-store and bagging charges, and bags need not be returned to prevent a penalty charge however we do reuse many of our bags so we welcome them back.

Local means we can be on your doorstep promptly, it means you can place an order and expect to get it within 48 hours, we try very hard to make life easy and lessen the hassles that are often relentless.

*criteria apply. Free delivery within 75 kms of Pukekohe although small volumes e.g. 1-2 tn if a single trip, may have a charge applied.

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