Our philosophy starts with caring for the land, and to do this we start with the soil, balance the soil elements (nutirents), get biology activated so plants are feed a good nutricious diet which enables quality crops and stock to be produced.

We are proud to follow the soil management philosophy Dr William Albrecht who was a prominent scientist and author. Neil Kinsey (Kinsey Ag Services) furthered Albrechts teachings to 75 countries around the world. Many thousands of farmers and consultants follow this scientifically proven philosophy and receive exceptional results. New Zealand is but one country yet has an ever growing number of businesses and farmers that follow the system, proof is certainly in the pudding. This philosophy coupled with a comprehensive Eurofins or Kinsey soil analysis, and detailed recommendation, ensures positive results in soil health, mineral availability, production, and animal health are achieved.
To the soil we add beneficial fertilisers, and these beneficial fertilisers are blended using Landco’s custom product blending facility, something that sets us apart.

We do it right, we differentiate ourselves, and you get the benefits.


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