Steve and Daniel Nelson


TM Agriculture

Every one acknowledges that each season is different with climate etc. but since adopting Albrecht/Kinsey principals 3 years ago, and following the advice from Gary at Landco we are seeing improvements in pasture and soil profile. 

The main focus has been concentrating on Calcium/Magnesium levels and seeing how pH levels are affected, not by Lime alone, but the correct balance of essential major Elements.  We apply TM Agriculture Soil Activator where we can, and always under our Maize and Fodder Beet crops. 

Current observation of pasture is showing less weed infestation and tightening of rye grass cover plus clover growth where previously there was none.

The soil has become more friable and whereas there was never any earthworm activity, we now have very good worm numbers and increased organic Humas  content.

Lloyd Barriball


Testimonials are funny things to write.

This one however is very simple:-  Having taken on board the advise from Hortigro and accepting the Albrecht science, I’ve seen first-hand, the improvement in pasture over the last 4 years.  No other farming practice has really been changed.

Year on year the cost of fertiliser has decreased, while pasture quality and grass production has increased.  The service from Hortigro (Landco Fertiliser) has been, and continues to be superb.

Murray and Robyn Twinning


TMWe have been using Hortigro’ / Landco Fertilisers ‘TM Ag’ biological stimulator on our Maize cropping land for 2 years and have made the following observations between TM Ag treated and non-treated areas.

  • Dramatic increase in worm counts,
  • Areas where ponding occurred in moderate rain events are now free draining
  • Rapid breakdown in stubble after harvest.
  • Reduced tractor power output to work-up ground for the following planting season.

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