Custom Fertiliser Blending

It is easy to focus on the price of a tonne bag of fertiliser but financial gains are to be made by applying only the required nutrients and hence making better fertiliser decisions. Blends are used to reflect a nutrient recommendation which provides a pathway to balanced soil nutrients, a process that can take time yet one where our team helps create results that benefit your production.

Blends are available in a wide number of single fertiliser combinations, however guidelines do exist as to which ingredients can or cannot be blended together based on their physical and chemical compatibilities and also agronomic considerations.   

Having a specialised fert blending machine at Landco allows us to mix most fertilisers to order. Custom blending provides the following benefits:

  • Order today and get it tomorrow ability
  • Combine a large range of products into bulk bags (or bulk)
  • Be guaranteed of a consistent and uniform blend
  • Compared to loader-bucket blending, machine blending will ensure your fertiliser is spread uniformly on the paddock, which means,
    • improved soil function
    • improved activity and function from biology
    • equal plant growth
    • more consistent production
  • Less mess and more efficiency in a dry environment
  • Great service


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