Machine blended fertiliser

Precision Custom Blending

Loader Bucket Blending 

Even consistent blending

Uneven inconsistent blending

Reliance on specialised technology

Total reliance on the loader operator

Consistent processing time cycle

Time and accuracy of blend dependent on loader operator and pressure factors

No weather impedance which provides  a smoother delivery & application process

Often subject to weather which can prolong delivery

Transport operator advised when blend  to be prepared and when blend is ready

Transport operator can be waiting for order to be completed when facility is busy.

The blending unit is dedicated to its job

A loader generally has several tasks to complete

Spreading application is uniform

Often spreading patterns are inconsistent

Pasture, crops etc receive a spread that ensures all plants get a better opportunity to thrive

Spread pattern irregularities mean certain areas can miss getting some fertiliser and others can get too much. This does not lend to best nutrient delivery to plants and can reduce production outcomes.

Production value is maximised

Production opportunity may not be maximised

So many mediums benefit;

  • soil
  • plants
  • stock
  • crops
  • a more equal nutrient delivery to all these

Benefits can be considerably less consistent

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