Nutrient & Soil Science

Nutrient & Soil Science is about understanding what plants need to grow, and when and how much they need.

Balancing the soils nutrients is what we do when considering what is available (in the soil) and what extra is needed to grow pasture and crops. The process we abide by aims to ensure there is neither too much nor too little fertiliser applied. Often too much (esp too much of one thing) unbalances the whole, and the same applies to too little e.g. excluding inputs such as trace elements can make all the difference esp for nutrient chemistry, health, and production. Their requirements are small yet their role is significant.

If we get the balance correct in the soil, there is less and less need to supplement stock via drenches and other foods. In addition, if we balance the soil we ourselves benefit from adequate supply of nutrients through the food we eat, and we become a healthier nation with less disease. It’s fair to say nutrient management is something that has deteriorated over several decades of poor advice, and this has impacted our nation. Nutrients keep us balanced as well.

Landco fertiliser is making a difference!


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