Characteristics of TM Agricultural

From the information and observations made to-date, TM Ag would appear to have the following characteristics:

  • Increases microbial diversity and activity
  • Promotes plant growth
  • Promotes the root system
  • Decreases the susceptibility to insect/pest attack
  • Reduces the use of insecticides, pesticides and fungicides
  • Helps to buffer and improve the efficiency of herbicides/insecticides/fungicide sprays
  • Promotes N fixing leguminous nodules and probably freeliving N fixing bacteria
  • Improves the efficiency of nutrient uptake
  • Acts as a nutrient regulator - for example reducing high sodium levels
  • Helps to neutralise acidic soils
  • Acts as a soil conditioner - improves soil structure, porosity, colour and air capacity of the soil
  • Promotes crop vigour and persistence
  • Increases soil carbon
  • Decreases water repellency (soil hydrophobicity)
  • Reduces the susceptibility of crops and pastures to frost damage

Collectively, the above characteristics provide farmers and agricultural consultants with a powerful tool to significantly lift on-farm performance while at the same time decreasing the farm's environmental footprint, both in terms of reducing nutrient loss, greenhouse gas emissions and sequestering soil carbon.


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