Mackay District Sugar Cane

Mackay District Sugar Cane Clancy Bach Farming, Homebush

Lionel Clancy used TM Ag for the first time in his 2015 crop. Although his early visual appraisal was neutral, he noticed a couple of differences as the crop progressed.

1. Green leaf persisted further down the mature stalks of cane in the treated areas.
2. The individual cane stalks appeared to stand straighter than in the untreated areas.

Harvest Result

When the cane was harvested the treated area yielded 7.92 tonnes per hectare better than the untreated area.


Encouraged by the 2015 result, Lionel applied TM Ag to a portion of his 2016 crop. On inspection on April 27thgreen leaf was again persisting further down the individual stalks.

A disease called “Yellow Canopy” has been affecting crop health and yield throughout much of the Australian sugar industry, including the Mackay area. To date there is no reliably diagnosed cause or cure. Although still present, it was immediately noticeable that there was considerably less symptom of Yellow Canopy in the TM treated rows.

Positive changes in soil compaction were also measured within the treated area, compared to the control.
The crop has a couple of months until harvest. Plant cane in 2016 will be blanket sprayed with TM Ag to maximise the benefit and an application will be applied over the row to each subsequent ratoon crop to maintain the biological stimulation of the soil. 


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