TM Agricultural Questions & Answers

What is TM Agricultural?

Soil scientists around the world generally agree that soil biology is the "engine room of the soil." Soil biology is responsible for recycling nutrients, converting elements including atmospheric nitrogen and stable but unavailable forms of phosphorus into forms that are plant available, breaking down toxins, both man-made and natural. These biological processes sustain life as we know it.

TM Ag is an organic registered soil ameliorant designed to kick-start and increase beneficial biological activity in the soil, beginning with the bacteria and fungi that all other soil life depends on. Although TM contains natural trace nutrients, its primary aim is to stimulate the vast array of indigenous soil organisms to do their work.

What can Best offer farmers using conventional products?

With Best products, farmers can expect to reduce their dependence on chemicals, especially many of the insecticide and fungicides used regularly in conventional farming. Substantial reductions in the need for synthetic fertiliser are also commonly reported.

Improved crop quality with fewer screenings or second grades, improved pasture quality and a reduction in nutrients leached to groundwater are benefits consistently associated with the use of TM Ag. These improvements are achieved while maintaining or increasing crop yields and farm productivity.

What is the science behind your products/ trial evidence/ evaluation by government bodies?

From day one Best has been involved with universities and independent trial organisations around the world, too numerous to mention here. For more information visit our website Research trials are ongoing and Best is committed to verification by good science.

What savings does the system bring?

Best products bring many savings to farmers both quantifiable and otherwise. Generally farmers can save on chemicals, fertiliser, fuel, wear and tear on equipment, irrigation water and time.

Often, there is a noticeable correction in soil pH, with both acidic and alkaline soils moving closer to neutral. This is due to the buffering effect of increased levels of biological activity.

Why do growers use your products? Do they just want to switch to fashionable organic systems; are they after cost savings or do they genuinely want to reduce their carbon footprint?

Farmers use our products for many different reasons. Mainly however, they see what other farmers are achieving and want to replicate those results on their own properties. They also see a way to reduce their input costs, leading to improved viability.

Most of the farmers we work with are not organic. They simply want a reliable, economical method of reducing high input costs.

Can farmers use Best products in conjunction with natural fertilisers, composts etc.?

Definitely. Many farmers report excellent results when using TM in conjunction with more biologically friendly forms of fertiliser.

There are numerous companies producing quality fertilisers and composts with the benefit of soil biology in mind. However, the application of large quantities of material per hectare or the high cost of specialised microbial products can be a major consideration with these approaches.

Application rates of TM Ag are usually only 250 to 500 ml/ha. TM lays no claim to being a fertiliser. It is registered as an organic soil ameliorant.


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