Soil & Fertiliser Recomendations

Following on from a soil test and its analysis, our team provides a recommendation of what fertilisers are required to balance the soil and replenish what has been used, e.g. carried away or lost by stock, weather, loss through the soil (leaching), mineral lock-up, crops being harvested or made into hay, baleage or silage.

It is a science and also the best and most accurate way to guide you through a programme where performance and production enhancement or maximisation are the goals. Applying fertiliser can indeed be an expensive exercise however recommendations are discussed and shaped to best meet your budget even if that means taken longer to get to the end goal.

Quite simply if nutrients are removed from the soil they need to be replaced, this unless there is a sound quantity of some or all nutrients still available but often there will be a need for a fertiliser or a soil conditioner – such as lime to be applied. In many instances recommendations can over-state the use of a certain product and this is not a good philosophy, or others can recommend the same products even though analysis is quite different.  This is plain dumb! Note that the soil can only deal with so much. The most important factual statement that anyone can make is that soil must be balanced, that’s the aim and too many recommend a certain remedy as the be-all and end-all. Like biology in the soil and our own bodies, they work together and against each other in order to provide a happy medium, certainly a junk diet or a focus on certain products will likely cause problems.

To compliment the recommendation our team have been trained by Kinsey Agricultural Services to offer consultation and expert advice on how to correct any imbalances identified in the soil audit (analysis).

Note: Re. Kinsey Agricultural Services (KAS).

KAS provide recommendations to 75 countries worldwide, so imagine the soil analyis results they receive from Perry labs, countless, thousands every year & with continual growth.

These statistics are clear evidence of the support for KAS and the recommendations they provide their clients and that we discuss with you to plan your fertilliser applications.

KAS prepare thousands of fertilliser recommendations for NZ & these recommendations transfer into better balance of soil for your farm and from there improve performance and establish a pathway to less fertilliser on a simple yet logical maintenance programme.


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